Terms of Use for submitting information to the Money Learning Directory

1. General

The Hong Kong Strategy for Financial Literacy ("HKSFL") website (www.hksfl.hk) is owned and managed by the Investor Education Centre ("IEC"), which acts as the Secretariat of the HKSFL. References to the IEC herein are references to the IEC as the Secretariat of the HKSFL. The Money Learning Directory (“Directory”), as part of the HKSFL website, is an online financial education directory aimed at providing the general public with easy and one-stop access to a broad range of financial education initiatives including resources and events (“Initiatives”) to facilitate and promote the making of informed financial decisions.

You must register in order to submit information for the purpose of making it available in the Directory. In registering and submitting Initiatives information to the Directory, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use and such other terms and conditions as displayed from time to time on the HKSFL website. The IEC reserves the right to restrict or terminate your access to the Directory if you fail to comply with these Terms of Use.

The IEC reserves the right to change these Terms of Use or any additional terms and conditions that apply to your use of the Directory at any time. Changes to the Terms of Use will be effective as of the date posted and your continued use of the Directory will be deemed to constitute your acceptance of these terms.

2. Directory account registration

To create a Directory account, you will be required to provide your organisation's details and your contact details (including a valid email address). At the current time, only supporting organisations of the HKSFL are eligible to register an account. You can register more than one account under the same organisation if there are different units or teams at your organisation responsible for different financial education Initiatives. Each registered Directory account user shall own and manage its own submission of Initiatives information and the IEC shall not in any way be accountable for the accuracy, reliability and timeliness of any Initiatives information submitted. The IEC shall not merge different contents or different registered Directory accounts. The organisation name of a registered Directory account will be displayed according to the name that you provided and the registered Directory account user shall at all times review the accuracy and appropriateness of the information presented.

If a registered Directory account is/is to be shared among different individuals, units or teams within your organisation, you are responsible for the security of the account information including the username and password.

You are advised to protect and store your username and password properly. As a security measure, your account will be temporarily disabled after eight invalid login attempts at our system.

3. Submissions

Eligible Initiatives

Only Initiatives that the IEC determines in its sole discretion to have met the following criteria will be published in the Directory:

  • Initiatives that contribute to the financial literacy of general public of Hong Kong;
  • Initiatives that are available in English or Chinese or both (but description of Initiatives information need to be presented/submitted in both English and Traditional Chinese characters);
  • Initiatives that are available to the Hong Kong audience for free or by paying a reasonable fee; and
  • Initiatives that are already published or established;

Currently, the Directory will not accept the following:

  • Initiatives that aim to promote the sales of products or services;
  • Initiatives that are under development;
  • Initiatives that target non-Hong Kong audience (but any such Initiatives which are adapted for a Hong Kong audience may be accepted);
  • Initiatives information that contain inappropriate or irrelevant contents which include but are not limited to inappropriate language, misleading claims, contents which infringe third party intellectual property rights (such as copyright), political messages, etc;
  • Initiatives submitted by registered Directory account users should be owned or controlled by the account users (or the organisations) who submitted the Initiatives for listing on the Directory. The Directory may not accept Initiatives where the relevant account user is unable to prove ownership/control of the Initiatives to the satisfaction of the IEC.
  • Ad-hoc / irregular columns in media outlets (for example, a single or one-off newspaper column instead of a regular column dedicated to financial education subjects); or
  • Individual entries of blog/ social media .

The IEC is under no obligation to use the Initiatives information you submit. You shall provide accurate and up to date information and the IEC is not in any way responsible for the accuracy, reliability and timeliness of any Initiatives information submitted by you (ie, the IEC will not proofread submissions or generally check submissions received for errors). The IEC has the right in its sole discretion to modify, add or remove the Initiatives information for any reason at any time without notice, in particular for those information deemed inappropriate to be displayed.

In addition, you agree that:

  • you have all the necessary rights and permissions to submit the Initiatives information;
  • the Initiatives information that you provide is accurate and up to date; and
  • the Initiatives information may be edited, translated, reproduced, displayed and transmitted by the IEC and made accessible and available to the public under the Directory and/ or other relevant websites of the IEC.

You also agree to indemnify the IEC from and against all claims and expenses (including legal expenses) incurred as a direct result of any claim(s) that the IEC's use of any Initiatives information or the listing on the Directory of any Initiatives submitted by you infringes any third party's intellectual property rights.

4. No compensation or endorsement

You will not be compensated for the use of the Initiatives information in the Directory or on any other relevant website of the IEC and no endorsement, joint venture, partnership, employment or agency relationship exists between yourself and the IEC as a result of your submission of Initiatives information for the Directory.

5. Displaying language

The IEC will only make available the Initiatives information you provide in both English and Traditional Chinese that you have provided it. The IEC shall not be responsible for translation of the Initiatives information.

6. Use of your personal information

The personal data you provide to us during the Directory account registration process will be collected and used to contact you for the following specific purposes and will not otherwise be used or disclosed without your consent except as authorised by law:

  • Directory account registration and approval process;
  • Directory account is being locked due to several invalid login attempts;
  • at your request because you have forgotten your username or password;
  • for communications by the IEC staff about your submitted entries;
  • about any other issues in relation to your use of the Directory or with financial literacy related communications from the HKSFL.

The data may be provided to such persons within the IEC whose proper business it is to have access to and assist in the use of the Directory. The data may also be provided to such other persons who may assist the IEC in attaining the purposes above mentioned.

The Privacy Policy Statement of the IEC is available on the HKSFL website at http://www.hksfl.hk.

7. Modifications

The Directory and its features may be modified at any time by the IEC for technical or other reasons without notice. The IEC may in its sole discretion discontinue temporarily or permanently any parts or all of the Directory at any time.

8. Disclaimer

The IEC does not guarantee that access to or use of the Directory will be uninterrupted or error-free and will not be liable for any feature not being accessible or for any unavailability of the HKSFL websites. The Directory is provided on an “as is” and “where is” basis and the IEC disclaims all warranties, representations and conditions of any kind with respect to the use of the Directory.

9. No Liability

The IEC will not be responsible or liable for any damages whatsoever arising in connection with or out of the performance or unavailability of the Directory or the HKSFL website, including any posting of erroneous or incomplete information or any loss of data.

Use of third-party information is subject to the third-party information liability disclaimer.