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Raise awareness of the benefits of financial education
Extend opportunities to learn
Enhance coordination and collaboration among stakeholders
Core actions
  • Conduct financial literacy awareness campaigns
  • Coordinate all parties interested in supporting financial education to participate in “Hong Kong Money Month” around Chinese New Year.
  • Enhance existing financial guidance and resources via digital media and mass marketing amongst all stakeholders
  • Utilise ambassadors and supporting organisations to support and promote the Strategy
Desired outcomes
  • People recognise and use existing initiatives to a greater extent
  • More initiatives around financial education are developed as a result of increasing demand and awareness
  • More partnerships are formed, increasing the impact and reach of financial education initiative
  • People talk more openly and comfortably about money matters
  • People recognise where to access trustworthy information to improve their financial literacy
Indicators of success
  • Increased percentage of people agreeing that financial education is important
  • Increased percentage of people who feel comfortable talking openly about money matters
  • Increase in the number of financial education initiatives offered and organisations involved
Core actions
  • Enhance financial education in schools, by embedding the knowledge and skills laid out in the Financial Competency Framework into non-curriculum activities, and mapping the required levels of knowledge and skills into the curriculum
  • Encourage financial institutions to embed financial education elements into their communication and marketing strategies
  • Encourage parents and teachers to display appropriate financial behaviours and act as role models for the next generation
  • Motivate employers to consider the financial wellness of their employees and provide learning opportunities in the workplace
  • Build stakeholder capabilities through ‘train-the-trainer' initiatives to equip them with the necessary skills to deliver financial education across communities, and ensure that supporting tools and resources are accessible
Desired outcomes
  • There is greater interaction with financial education initiatives across different sectors and groups in Hong Kong, covering higher-need segments
  • Parents, teachers, employers and other key influencers in the community promote the right attitudes and behaviours towards financial matters
Indicators of success
  • Increase in the number of financial education initiatives offered, as well as the spread across different societal groups as target segments and education themes
  • Increased percentage of people accessing financial education tools and resources currently available
  • Increased percentage of people displaying financially positive attitudes and behaviours as identified in the Financial Competency Framework
Core actions
  • Hold regular information sharing sessions to enable stakeholders to share lessons learned and best practices
  • Organise a second financial literacy summit to discuss key issues and potential strategies to improve financial literacy
  • Create a central online repository for stakeholders to share information and resources
  • Establish professional development opportunities for financial education practitioners to ensure quality delivery of financial education
  • Encourage financial literacy research to stimulate wider interest and to promote partnerships between financial education practitioners and academics
Desired outcomes
  • Synergy is maximised and complementary efforts are made within and across different sectors
  • Support is offered across a wide variety of themes covered within the Financial Competency Framework
  • Key messages around financial matters are integrated and streamlined to expand their impact for consumers
  • A platform is created for peer learning and best practice sharing
  • The professional skills of financial practitioners are leveraged to support the broader community
Indicators of success
  • Increase in the number of organisations offering financial education initiatives, as well as the spread across different societal groups as target segments and education themes
  • Increased number of financial education practitioners participating in sharing sessions, forums and other partnership initiatives
The Strategy's success will be supported by the following enablers of change:
Financial Competency Framework
Effective partnerships
Monitoring and evaluation

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