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Having effective governance in place is integral to the success of the HKSFL. It will ensure that partners are brought together to work collaboratively, that the outcomes of the HKSFL can be critically assessed, and that direction and momentum can be maintained to achieve real success.

A two-tiered governance framework is set up to take the HKSFL forward. Comprised of senior representatives from partnership sectors, the HKSFL Steering Committee acts as the guiding authority to provide the overall direction, review and improve the HKSFL on an ongoing basis. Sub-committees for each of the identified strategic focuses are formed to oversee the implementation of the core actions. Guided by the Steering Committee, the Investor Education Centre serves as the Secretariat and is responsible for leading the overall development and coordination of the HKSFL.

Chan Tze Ching, Ignatius
  • Auyeung Pak Kuen, Rex
  • Fang Meng Sang, Christine
  • Kneebone, David Phillip
  • Lau Sio Kuan, Vivian
  • Lee Kam Wing, Bruno
  • Dr Mak Sui Choi, Billy
  • Ng Yin Yee, Angel
Poon Yuen Shun Vincent
Lee Kam Wing, Bruno
Deputy Chairman
Ng Yin Yee, Angel
  • Chiu Kit Fun
  • Fong Po Kiu
  • Ko Yuk Kwai
  • Lam Man Ling, Manning
  • Lee Lai Kuen, Shelley
  • Leung Yi Lin, Pamela
  • Shek Kang Chuen
  • Szeto Kwong Chiu
Poon Yuen Shun Vincent
Fang Meng Sang, Christine
Deputy Chairman
Lau Sio Kuan, Vivian
  • Cheng Pat Leung
  • Choi Suk Mun, Anny
  • Leung Kwong Sum
  • Ng Ka Kit Clement
  • Pong Wai Yan, Louis
  • Tai Ming Kee
  • Yip Damian
  • Yip Yun Wan, Amarantha
Poon Yuen Shun Vincent
Auyeung Pak Kuen, Rex
Deputy Chairman
Dr Mak Sui Choi, Billy
  • Chan Lap Tak, Jeffrey
  • Dr Chan Yee Wah
  • Chiu Lai Man
  • Kung Hing See, Ruth
  • Kwan, Angelina Agnes
  • Lam Yik Tin, Miranda
  • Lau Pui Ling, Selina
  • Leung Mei Sze
  • Leung Tsui Wan
  • Tang Leung Shun, Gary
  • Tse Yue Hong, Chris
  • Wong Chi Ming, Sally
Poon Yuen Shun Vincent